A Taste of Spring

Every day is a gift from our Heavenly Father, but today is a special blessing.  I am not one to complain about the winter weather.  I truely enjoy each season; but after several weeks of cold and snowy weather, we are especially enjoying today with its sunny 60 degrees F weather. 

I had decided to wash all the sheets today, and my husband suggested hanging them outside to dry.  Fresh sheets dried outside have such a wonderful smell and feel, a real treat in the middle of winter.

Sheets blowing gently in the breeze: a beautiful sight on a warm winter day.
Sheets blowing gently in the breeze: a beautiful sight on a warm winter day.

I have to admit I think we all have a touch of spring fever today.  Daisy, our dog, enjoyed laying in the sun.  My husband is organizing his work van in the driveway.  The children played in the yard, rode bikes, and climbed a tree.  Four neighborhood children stopped by for a bit to jump on the trampoline and say hello.  They have missed so much school the last month, they are looking forward to returning Monday.  With homeschooling, we do not miss school because of snow; but several of our activities including church and library were canceled.

Daisy enjoying the sun.
Daisy enjoying the sun.

How good of God to provide a respite from winter and a taste of the spring to come!


One thought on “A Taste of Spring

  1. You’re right, Stephanie, about sheets dried outside– no Bounce sheet can capture the freshness. Clotheslines used to mark every backyard. Wished I had one.


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