Snow Day!

Yesterday’s snow was a beautiful reminder of the creativity of our Heavenly Father.  We had about a foot of snow accumulate during the nearly 24 hours it fell.  The snow was wet and clung to bare branches transforming trees and bushes into winter works of art.

Main Street
Main Street

The children hurried outside after breakfast to play and build.  After about an hour, they came inside ready for some schoolwork.  In the afternoon, my husband came home and said he knew a place we could go sledding.  You would think living in the mountains we would have plenty of opportunity for that activity, but we have not lived in places with access to good sledding hills.  I can’t recall sledding since I was a teenager, and I believe it was the first time for our youngest child who is five.  I had been thinking that our children were missing out on the fun of zooming down a hill in the snow, so it was a sweet gift to be able to do so.  There were several other families out on the hill, and there was plenty of laughter and shrieks to be heard.

The back alley
The back alley

Our second to youngest child had asked about snow cream; so when we got home, I dished up a bucket of clean snow.  I filled six bowls with snow then added 1/4 tsp. of vanilla, 1 Tbs. of maple syrup, and 1/4 cup of whole milk to each bowl.  Delicious!  The treat tasted just like homemade vanilla ice cream.

After a while, the children and their father ventured outside again and built a big snow fort.  Late afternoon, the snow stopped, the sun came out against a bright blue sky, and the scene was a truely glorious sight.

Children playing in the snow after breakfast.
Children playing in the snow after breakfast.

That was our snow day!


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