Spring planting

The planting season has begun for us!  Last Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day, so we planted our peas at the plot we share with several other families.  This year, we are trying something new.  We planted six rows each in two sixteen-inch wide swaths.  The reasoning is that the pea vines will form their own support and reduce weeding  which can be tricky with pea vines.  I also planted some spinach seeds in one of the small beds around our house.  We were so glad to get the seeds sown before we had some cold and wet weather the beginning of the week. 

Look what sprouted!  Our celery seeds.  Last year they did not sprout, so we are excited about that.  Meanwhile, I saw on another blog, a picture of celery sprouting from an old stalk placed in a bowl of water.  We decided to try it, and leaves are already growing.

Celery sprouts
Celery sprouts
Celery sprouting from old stalk
Celery sprouting from old stalk

On the first day of spring, our oldest decided to mow the grass.  We were proud of his initiative.

First day of spring
First day of spring

Yesterday I tucked in some beet and lettuce seeds in a small bed behind our house.

Today is another beautiful Saturday, so we were able to plant potatoes in the plot beside our house.  The plot is 6 feet by 11 feet.  We planted five rows at approximately 12 inches apart.  The soil is fairly rocky, so we will see how they produce.  We had an assembly line going for whose turn it was to plant the next potato!  Onions were also planted in a section between two of the rows.

 blog pics 043 blog pics 044 blog pics 045 blog pics 046

blog pics 047

My husband and I both grew up planting in traditional row gardens with space enough to rototill between each row; but since moving to a town, I have been reading up on methods of planting in small spaces.  It is fun to learn and experiment with new ideas.  We pray God’s blessing on the harvest.

Anyone else planting or trying new ideas?


2 thoughts on “Spring planting

  1. Thank you for sharing post, And …..all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Much love. 🙂


  2. Oh Stephanie I so wish we are able to go out and plant a garden as well. The weather here has prevent us from even thinking about it. Thanks to your husband’s father(also my dad) we have planted a garden almost every year. William loves to plant potatoes, tomatoes, leek, kale, lettuce, corn, bean(purple), red beets. We will just have to be patient and wait for the warmer temperatures so we too can be out and plant a garden,

    If the soil is really rocky you could try mixing sand in the soil or coffee grinds(I know you guys don’t drink coffee but perhaps there is a restaurant who would be willing to donate the grinds) makes the ground easier to work with.


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