Rain, Seeds, and a Kitchen Mishap

The last few weeks have been a busy time with celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, family and friends visiting, a dance recital, and plugging away at the last days of home school work.

Easter with family.  You can see how serious the children were!
Easter with family. You can see how serious the children were!

We experienced a dry spell; but I was so thankful that at just the right time, the Lord provided rain to water the plants. We had quite a few days of rain, but everyday there was a time of sunshine which is perfect weather for gardening. The first harvest of the season was when I picked a few leaves of spinach today for our lunch. The lettuce and onions are growing. The cilantro from last year reseeded itself and will soon be large enough to use. The potatoes finally showed themselves this week. I was beginning to wonder. When my in-laws were visiting over Easter, we dug beside one and found a long sprout; so I knew they had not rotted. It took six weeks for them to send up leaves.

Spinach and Lettuce
Spinach and Lettuce

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This week, I had a brainstorm and decided to plant pole beans all around the back and front porches. The beans should grow up and attach themselves around the spindles of the porches. I look forward to seeing how they do. By the way, the pack of pole beans was one I had on hand from years ago. I keep my leftover seeds in the freezer and they last for years.

Today I planted some more lettuce and parsley seeds in addition to basil, lavender, dill, and some wildflower seeds.

This week, I am hoping to get out to our shared garden patch to get the green bean seeds in the ground. Green beans are our main vegetable through the winter. I am praying for a good harvest this year. Last year, the plants were attacked by the Mexican bean beetle and did not produce many beans.

On another note, I have to share a kitchen story. Today I was baking a delicious applesauce spice cake using a recipe from a friend in Pennsylvania. Early in the day, I mixed the dry ingredients together and set out the stick of butter and pint of frozen applesauce to soften and thaw. Several hours later, I mixed everything together including adding the black walnuts, chocolate chips, and raisins. I stuck the pan in the oven, set the timer, and began cleaning up the counter. I noticed the honey jar sitting on the counter and thought to myself, “Why is that sitting there?” Like a lightening bolt, the thought came to me that I had not added any sweetener to the cake. I quickly pulled out the cake, put the batter back in the mixing bowl, and added the honey. Shew! That was a close one, but maybe it would not have tasted so bad with the applesauce, chocolate chips, and raisins. I’m glad I found my mistake before it was too late. That reminds me of the time I made zucchini muffins and had them baked and put away before I realized I had forgotten to add the zucchini! Anyone else do silly things like that?


4 thoughts on “Rain, Seeds, and a Kitchen Mishap

  1. Thank you, Stephanie, for identifying the flowering quince in your previous post. The beautiful bright pink blooms signal the end of winter, but I never knew the plant’s name. They are one of my favorite spring blossoms. And yes, I have taken cakes out of the oven to add vanilla.


    1. Cathy, I just learned its name this year too. A friend talked about her quince blooming, so I Googled it and found that there is “quince” and “flowering quince.” I saw a lot of flowering quince this spring.


  2. Oh, yes, Stephanie, I have done things like that. One time I was having meat balls that you do in the crock pot with the sauce made with grape jelly & chili sauce. Well, I know to make the meatballs, brown them and put in crock pot. Then pour sauce over them. This one particular day I poured the sauce in with the meat, mixed it together and couldn’t figure our why in this world I couldn’t form the meat balls. Then I remembered! Don’t pour sauce in the meat balls! Pour it on top in the crock pot! The problem was that we were having visitors for dinner that day.


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