In Like a Lion…

Following Frozen February, March came in like a lion.  Here in the mountains, we experienced more snow and a significant amount of rain which washed away the piles of snow remaining from February.  With the ground already saturated, flooding occurred in a number of the bottom lands.  The Stables, where our children ride horses, had two buildings with standing water which resulted in significant damage.  Our town, and several others, experienced a mudslide.  An old mine let loose, and mud and water flowed across and down the street for quite a ways.  Main Street was damaged and blocked off for several days while repairs were made.  Still, God’s protection was displayed as the mudslide went right between two houses, causing no damage to people or homes.

After all the destructive weather, you can imagine how delightful it has been to have some beautiful spring-like weather this week.  The sun shone against a blue sky.  The birds sang.  The daffodils displayed tightly closed buds.  For the first time this year, I hung out laundry.  The heat did not run all day.  The children cavorted in the sunshine and came in smelling of fresh air.  I planted spinach and radishes outside and cut off last year’s dead mint.  It felt wonderful to smell the fresh soil.

Time will tell, but I am hoping that what began as a lion will go out like a lamb, a fitting reminder of this time of year where we focus on the death and resurrection of the Lamb of God who takes away our sins.


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