The Dandelion

On a recent walk, our youngest child spied one of the first dandelion blossoms of the season.  He promptly plucked it and handed it to me with a sweet “Here, Mama!”  As I inhaled its scent, I contemplated the attributes of the flower many of us consider a nuisance and a weed.

Appearing early in the spring, the blossoms are bright and beautiful, cheerful and yellow.  The pollen, sweetly fragrant.

Children pluck a stem, a love offering to their mothers or make a chain or tuck it in their hair.

Wildcrafters gather greens for a tasty and nutritious salad.

Once gone to seed, who can forgo the fascination of scattering the tiny parachutes in the wind?

As a child, I remember gathering the greens with my grandmother.  She topped her salad with boiled eggs and bacon.

So who decided the dandelion was a weed anyway?

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2 thoughts on “The Dandelion

  1. I agree – who decided dandelions were a weed? Dandelions are also one of the first flowers bees forage in the spring! And how can you not be happy looking at all that yellow? We love sautéed dandelion greens and fried blossoms, yum!


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