Planting seeds and a Window Greenhouse

The last two weeks, we have had some beautiful spring weather which has allowed us to start gardening again.  We were blessed to be given a number of packets of seeds this year.  I was thrilled that most of it is organic or heirloom.  The catch is that all the seed was packed for four years ago, so I was a little anxious to see if the seeds would sprout.  So far around our house, I have planted spinach, lettuce, sweet peas, snow peas, beets, radishes, chard, baby choi, broccoli raab, and mixed greens.  Many of these vegetables are a first for us.  So the last few days, I have been checking the beds each day to see signs of life.  It is amazing how you can watch and see nothing, and then one day the sprouts are up!  I was very excited to see radishes, lettuce, and spinach up this week, plus parsley which came up from last year’s crop.

This week we were able to get into the soil at the shared plot to which we have access.  We planted 16-inch wide swaths of six rows each of shell peas and snap peas.  The snap peas are a first for us.  Last year, friends shared some with us, and we were won over.

For the last year or so, we have talked about how fun and useful it would be to have a small greenhouse.  We live in town, so our space is limited.  A friend of my husband mentioned a window greenhouse he had created; so my husband and our oldest son set out to build one for us.  For the past three springs, I have tried growing seedlings without much success.  We have two windows with adequate sunlight, so the greenhouse was attached to our bedroom window.  I planted tomato, pepper, cantaloupe, thyme, and basil seeds.  I am excited to see how the seedlings do.  Before we had the greenhouse, I had planted purple cabbage, broccoli, and lavender.  The cabbage is growing nicely, but the others have not sprouted.

blog pics 331

blog pics 332

blog pics 328

Every planting season is an adventure.  We enjoy trying new methods and varieties.  Gardening deepens our connection to our Heavenly Father.  We more fully realize our dependence on Him.  We plant and cultivate, but we have no control over the weather and little over insects and blight.  We cannot make the seeds sprout and the plants grow.  We do our part and pray for a bountiful harvest.  A lot of things in life are like that: we do our part and trust the Lord’s guidance and care.


2 thoughts on “Planting seeds and a Window Greenhouse

  1. So glad you were able to figure out a way to make green house for your seedlings. You are making me envious with the number of seeds you have planted. We will have to until June to get in our garden.


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