All Nature Sings

Spring has sprung!  The perfect combination of rain and sunshine has awakened nature from its winter sleep.   The mountains resemble a painting in progress with a few more brush strokes of green each day.  The grapevines are slowly unfurling their leaves.  The summer perennials have pushed their green sprouts up through the soil.  The dogwood and red bud blossoms praise our Creator.  I hear the coo of doves and the twitter of sparrows.  I see the flutter of the gold finch.  Along with nature, my spirit is quickened within me.  After winter’s slumber, I am alive!  The sun’s warm rays kiss my head and tell me of God’s love.  The rain’s gentle drops cleanse the air and refresh the soil, reminding me of God’s blessings.


I ponder the following hymn:

This is my Father’s world,

And to my listening ears

All nature sings, and round me rings

The music of the spheres.

This is my Father’s world:

I rest me in the thought

Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas;

His hand the wonders wrought.

Pink dogwood blossoms
Pink dogwood blossoms

This is my Father’s world

The birds their carols raise,

The morning light, the lily white,

Declare their maker’s praise.

This is my Father’s world,

He shines in all that’s fair;

In the rustling grass I hear him pass;

He speaks to me everywhere.

Red bud blossoms
Red bud blossoms

This is my Father’s world.

O let me ne’er forget

That though the wrong seems oft so strong,

God is the ruler yet.

This is my Father’s world:

why should my heart be sad?

The Lord is King; let the heavens ring!

God reigns; let the earth be glad!

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