Playing in the Rain

The past few weeks have been dry for this time of year.  Those of us in the mountains who garden have noticed the effect of the lack of moisture in our plants.  The pea vines are half the height of what they usually are.  The spinach and lettuce have produced tiny leaves.  A neighbor told me he planted potatoes three weeks ago, and they have not sprouted yet.  But this week, we have had two days with beautiful rains in the late afternoon.  As I was enjoying the sound and sight of the rain falling today, I was reminded how the Lord provides and knows best what we need and when we need it.

I guess the lack of something moves us to revel in it when it does appear.  Our three youngest asked if they could go play in the rain today; so after donning their swimming suits, they ran and cavorted through the puddles and stood under the water cascading from one of the down spouts.  Their shouts and squeals were fun to hear!

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