Opening Day for the Farmer’s Market

Saturday was opening day for the first farmer’s market in our town.  For years I have been wanting to try my hand at selling vegetables, so here was my chance.  During the winter, we prepared some handcrafts including magnets, bracelets, and photo cards.  My mother-in-law knitted dishcloths and hand towels.  This spring, I carefully planned our vegetable gardens and planted and replanted when seeds did not sprout.  We kept an eye on the seedlings and prayed for rain during the dry spell.  Friday, I spent quite a bit of time bagging up lettuce, chard, kale, mint, radishes and parsley and packing supplies for the big day.

Saturday morning, we drove up the street and began setting up our booth.  This is a brand new event for our town, so we were not sure how many people would come out to set up and how many would come to shop.  The good news is we had a steady stream of customers.  Most folks really wanted to buy produce, so we know that the interest is there.  Unfortunately, I was the only vendor offering any vegetables.  I was pleased with what I sold: lettuce, parsley, chard, magnets, and cards.  We are praying the market grows to meet the needs of our community.

I really enjoyed the experience.  Meeting people and listening to  gospel music made for a satisfying first market day.

Our market booth
Our market booth
Our offerings
Our offerings
blog pics 402
Gospel music
Our view from the market



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