Summer Has Arrived

Whoever first coined the phrase “lazy summer days” surely did not tend a vegetable garden or have children to drive to and from day camp.  I have to admit I have had a bit of writer’s block, probably due to the busyness of the days.  So I will share a few pictures from the gardens.

What a difference a few weeks make!  Here are the beans two or three weeks pics 405

And here they are this week.

blog pics 418

The foliage is so lush that walking between the rows without stepping on any plants is difficult.  The Lord has blessed with a bountiful harvest.  On Thursday, I picked for two hours and got about ten gallons of beans.

Here is another view of the garden.

blog pics 417

Around our house, there are vegetables tucked in among the flowers.

blog pics 415
New lettuce among the day lilies.
Onions and day lilies.
Onions and day lilies.

Herbs are growing.  The dill is especially beautiful, so fine and delicate.  I am very exited about the basil, the first I have grown in years.  The parsley is such a prolific plant and thrives through hot and cold days.


And here are Lima beans adding beauty between the air conditioning units.

Lima beans
Lima beans

Those air conditioning units might not be very attractive to look at, but we certainly have appreciated them the last three weeks.  As spring turned into summer, we have experienced very hot and humid weather.  After several hours of pulling weeds and harvesting produce in the heat, a nice cool house is a lovely blessing.


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