Overheard in the Garden

When a family works together, there are some interesting conversations to be had.  The other day as we were picking beans, I overheard snippets of talk between two of our children.  They were referring to Mexican bean beetle larvae, those little, yellow, furry insects that like to devour bean plants.

“I wonder if bean bugs go to heaven when they die.”

“They’re bad because they eat our plants.”

“But they’re just hungry!”

Although I could have given a theology lesson, I chose to remain silent and smile at the glimpse into their minds.

Another day the children and I were breaking beans to be prepared for the freezer.  I am amused at the way the boys approach their work.  Our daughter and I tend to want to talk or sing while working; but the boys construct walls, build forts, and hide Lego figures in their creations.  They really did work diligently, so I did not mind a little fun if it helped motivate them to finish the task.

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