Mountains Aglow

This past weekend, the mountains were aglow with color.  Even though the sky was overcast, the colors were the most vibrant I remember seeing in all the years we have lived in Appalachia.  My eyes drank in the beauty of the brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows.  Perhaps if it had been sunny, we could not have stood the brilliance.

In the spring, when the red buds and the florescent green early leaves grace the mountainsides, I always imagine painting the scene; but in this autumn season, I kept seeing the sight as a chalk drawing.  Perhaps someday I will have the hours needed to dabble in the visual arts, but for now I will content myself with photographing the beauty of the mountains.  Sunday after church, I hurried up to the third floor window and held the camera out as far as I could reach.  The camera never quite captures the full effect of the moment, but here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

blog pics 467

blog pics 464


4 thoughts on “Mountains Aglow

  1. Stephanie,
    Awesome pictures of the fall foliage. Even here in PA the colors seemed so vibrant this year…but not sure if I saw anything quite like the mountains of KY. It’s a variety time of year for us. Enjoy the season.


  2. It’s really hard to get good pictures of fall color especially without sun, but these are great. I hope you get to paint one day.


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