November Beauty

For part of this November past, the lack of sunshine that cloudy days bring and the fact that I was dealing with a cold left me feeling rather “blah.”  This time of year in the mountains, one has to look for soul-nourishing beauty.  Once the vibrant colors of the leaves fade and before the snow paints the mountains white, there is a lot of gray.  One evening, while on a walk, I spotted an enormous gibbous moon rising above the hills.  I was wishing for my camera; but once I was home, the moon was still behind the mountain.  Although I had to wait until it rose and was no longer as huge, I still found the beauty on a November evening.

blog pics 471

blog pics 469


2 thoughts on “November Beauty

  1. Yes, the moon was beautiful last week. You are right, Stephanie. This is the time of year for soul-nourishing beauty. (Also enjoyed your Thanksgiving post and the photos of your children and the beautiful mountain trail.)


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