O Christmas Tree

This year my husband decided it would be fun to cut our own Christmas tree.  On our Thanksgiving hike,  we spotted one we thought would be suitable.

personal pics 2594

One day in December, the children went with him to bring the tree home.

personal pics 2600

Once they brought it in the house, we realized it was taller and wider than we anticipated; so back out it went to be trimmed.

personal pics 2604

We had to adjust the living room furniture, but we found a spot for it.  The smell of pine filled the room.  With Christmas carols playing in the background, I placed the lights.  As they removed their handmade ornaments from the box, the three youngest children exclaimed over each one and hung them on the branches.

personal pics 2611

personal pics 2612

Our oldest took it upon himself to hang garland and lights on the front porch railings.

personal pics 2613

Arranging the nativity figures is a highlight each year.  My favorite is when one of the children places all the figures in a circle with the characters all gazing at the baby Jesus.

personal pics 2610

I love to see the soft glow of the tree at night.  It gives a cozy winter feeling.

personal pics 2615



*Photo credit for the first three pictures goes to our third child.


6 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. Congratulations, K. on the excellent photography and to the other children for your parts in getting the house and yourselves ready to celebrate a special time of the year. Stephanie, I really appreciate the way you all work as a family to decorate for Christmas. I’m sure it is a significant time now and in memories in the future. (And to Pete for preparing the tree.)


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