Changing Seasons

March has come in like a lamb, and we are basking in the warm spring days.  After a number of gray February days, the daffodils nodding in the bright sunshine are a welcome sight.  Taking advantage of gentle breezes and the sun’s warmth, I kept my laundry line full each day with bedding and clothes.  The fresh, clean smell of outdoors filled the house.  The children were once again eager to be outside: climbing the dogwood tree, digging in the mud by the creek, spying bulbs that are pushing up leaves, and looking for snails in the gardens.  One afternoon, we tidied up the flower beds, pulling the weeds and moss that had started to grow.

On a morning walk yesterday, I was cheered by the chattering of the sparrows, the first blossoms of forsythia, and the tight-fisted buds on the plum tree.  An older gentleman was out hoeing in his yard.  I have always enjoyed seeing his little backyard plot in which he grew cabbages, Brussels sprouts, onions, and pole beans on his fence.  After calling a greeting, I asked him if he was getting his garden ready, but he replied that he wasn’t putting in a garden this year.  I walked on and felt a little disappointed; but I thought to myself, “Seasons come and seasons go.”

That saying applies to nature and to life.  As one season of the year rolls into another, I always enjoy the newness; but with seasons of life, I tend to be a little more reluctant to embrace the changes.  We are anticipating a move in the next months, and with it will come significant change.  While it is hard to bid farewell to the current season, we must do so in order to welcome the new one.  Amidst change and uncertainties, I am grateful for our Heavenly Father’s unwavering faithfulness.  I will rest in His all-knowing care.


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