Change and Beauty

Recently, we moved from Main Street of an old coal town to the edge of a state forest atop the mountain.  The sounds of traffic and people were replaced by birds, frogs, rain, and trees swaying in the wind.  We transitioned from a lovely, spacious three-story house to a much smaller but equally lovely single-floor dwelling.  While we enjoyed the room of the larger home, we are finding the small house to be cozy, less to clean, and more condusive to family togetherness.  Although we have finished our home school year, our children have delighted in nature’s classroom.  Almost daily, one of them calls, “Mom come look at this.”  The finds have included a beautiful Luna moth, lots of giant millipedes, a chipmunk on our porch, and a large black beetle we observed carrying a round seed pod much bigger than itself.  We have watched the tulip poplars begin to blossom and the milkweed plants spring up along the road.  My favorite find has been wild lady slipper blossoms growing on the bank below our house.

First thing in the morning, I have enjoyed walks on the trail through pristine forest where the only sounds are nature’s music: the flute-like twitter of songbirds, the “coo coo” of the morning dove, and the percussive croaks and “scritch-scratch” of frogs by the pond.

I do not always welcome change, and transition can be difficult.  But once I am on the other side, I am reminded how God provides beauty wherever He plants us.  More and more, I have come to realize if we look for His good gifts and choose joy, we can be content in whatever situation we are placed.





6 thoughts on “Change and Beauty

  1. Wow Stephanie! How blessed you are to see the beauty in your new setting. And your writing brings it to life for me, too. Thank you.


  2. It’s so good to read your words again! I’m glad you’re on the other side of this transition and seeing the blessings of it. May beauty continue to fill your days! 🙂


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