Bits and Pieces

Since we have moved and because of the nature of our work, I have little time for writing and limited access to internet and computer; but I hope to share bits and pieces of our days.

Last Monday, when my husband and I were taking our morning walk with the dog, we spotted a bobcat on the trail.  He saw the face, but I only caught a glimpse of the tail end as it ran off.  Later in the week, a young bear ran through the woods alongside the trail.  One evening, a larger bear ambled through the trees on the hill behind our house.

The mountain laurel and wild azalea are both blooming.  The delicate blossoms are lovely.  I have never seen the wild azalea anywhere else but along the trail.





The children have been finding pleasure outside of their usual activities.  Several days, the boys played marbles.  One day, I caught our daughter lying in the grass gazing at the sky.





Last week was orientation for summer staff and location coordinators for the home repair ministry in which we are serving.  To be able to speak encouragement and council into the lives of young adults was a privilege and a blessing.  Not so many years ago, we were the young adults whose lives were being challenged and stretched.

Our vegetable garden is progressing.  We were able to have our garden plowed through Grow Appalachia.  Another organization donated tomato plants that had been given by a grocery story; and we planted beans, corn, carrots, cucumbers, and summer and winter squash.  After watching a movie about gardening with wood chips, we have been wanting to try it; so this is the year.  Half the garden is covered, and we need to get some more chips.  After several days of no rain, I felt under the wood chips and was gratified to still feel moist soil.  The wood chips also keep the weeds to a minimum and will eventually compost into the soil.



Saturday, at the Poke Sallet Festival, we manned a table for our local food pantry/ soup kitchen.  We were stationed beside the main stage, so we were able to enjoy some talented bluegrass bands.  One group, mostly made of young folks, was very lively with the fiddle, bass, and banjo.

This morning, walking up the hill behind our house, the sun’s rays filtered down through the morning mist and the trees: a beautiful sight to see.




6 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Stephanie, Sorry I missed you at Poke Sallet. I would have looked for you. Wonderful post as always. My nephew Preston works with Grow Appalachia at the Settlement School.


  2. I miss you and your family so much. I very much enjoy reading your entries and I can almost imagine them unfolding right before my eyes. I love you and your family and hope to see you all soon. Blessings!


  3. Beautiful photos. I especially like the one of L looking at the sky. Sounds like you’re enjoying life in your new environment.


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