Blackberry Picking and Wild Horses

This week my parents came to visit, and we had a new summer staff family arrive.  On Saturday, we headed out for an adventure.  Blackberries are ripening, so we decided to visit the area that has wild horses and lots of wild blackberry brambles.  After arriving, we began picking and filling our buckets.  There were fourteen of us; and we gathered five ice cream buckets, I believe.  Of course, quite a few berries never made it into the buckets!





As we were winding down with the picking, someone spotted some horses; so we quickly abandoned the berries to go see them.  The children enjoyed petting the friendly ones and climbing around on the rocky slopes.  One of the horses had a foal and made sure no one got too close.  It was a gorgeous cool morning with a gentle breeze stirring the air.



After a while, we split up; and some of us drove to a different section where we found approximately fifty wild horses.  What a beautiful sight!


The time was truly lovely and relaxing, just what was needed after a busy week.




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