Summer Break

This week we had a break from volunteer groups.  While we did not go on vacation, we did have a lovely week which included catching up on some tasks that get neglected during the busy weeks, visiting with friends, and enjoying family time.

Sunday evening, we lit a fire, roasted marshmallows, and made s’mores.  The children challenged themselves by seeing how many seconds it took to scale the steep hill beside the driveway and by running from the back of the camp to the bottom of our driveway.  They said they are preparing  for a 5k!

Monday, friends took us out on Lake Norris.  The boat was beautiful, the day lovely, and the company enjoyable.  The wind in my face was invigorating, and the water was relaxing.  We settled in a cove to eat fried chicken, fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and blueberries.  While the children swam with life jackets, the adults visited about life experiences.  Our host told of his school days at a settlement school in the mountains, of his time in France after World War II, and of living in Alaska and Texas.



Tuesday, for the first time this year, the children and I pulled weeds from the vegetable garden.  There were only a few, mostly grass, poking up through the wood chips.  The mulch has been such a blessing, as I do not know when I would have had time to put into weeding this summer.

Wednesday, a friend from my teaching days came to visit.  As we sat on the front porch enjoying the quiet and the morning breeze, we watched hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees dart about the Rose of Sharon bush and the potted wild flowers.  We talked of seasons of life and how the Lord leads in various ways.

That evening for supper, we hosted new friends, a family from Manitoba with whom we are serving this summer.  The company was delightful, and the children enjoyed playing dolls and Legos.  They brought a gorgeous bouquet arranged from garden and wild flowers that were blooming on the property.


Thursday, before we headed down the mountain to run errands, the children and I picked beans and planted some seeds for a fall crop.  Pushing aside the wood chips just enough to be able to put the seeds in the dirt, I planted lettuce, spinach, kale, greens, and radishes.  It has been a hot week with no rain; so imagine my surprise when this morning, I peeked at the garden and saw radishes already sprouting!  Another plus for the woodchips: they hold moisture even when the weather is dry.

Friday afternoon, our family headed out to Martin’s Fork Lake.  The water was a great way to relax and cool off after the heat of the day.  The children are improving their swimming skills, and two of them built castles in the sand.  After a picnic supper, we stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream cones.

personal pics 071


Several times this week, I thought, “Ah, this is summer!”


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