Autumn Work and Play

The mountains are aflame with color: brilliant orange, deep red, and golden yellow.  Leaves are falling daily which means lots of opportunity to rake them into piles before sending them down the hillside.  Leaf wars, jumping in the pile, and making leaf angels have been lots of fun for the children.

personal pics 153personal pics 154personal pics 163

My husband has hauled loads of horse manure up the mountain.  The children and I worked at spreading it on the vegetable patches in preparation for next year’s gardening.  I love their looks of determination.  They surely worked hard that afternoon.

personal pics 150


The hydrangea bush has taken on beautiful hues this fall.

personal pics 160


As we drive up and down the trail, the leaves are truly a sight to see.

personal pics 159


Once again, we spent some time at Kingdom Come State Park.  The children are pictured atop Log Rock, another amazing rock formation.

personal pics 168personal pics 167personal pics 171

It is difficult to capture the intensity of the colors, but here are some maple and tulip poplar leaves to enjoy.



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