Autumn Days with Oma and Pake

Earlier this week, we took Oma to visit Kingdom Come State Park.  We strolled around the lake on the Lake Trail, a nice, flat walk.  The park is such a beautiful, peaceful place this time of year.

personal pics 175personal pics 178

Saturday morning, Pake helped us move and stack the firewood into the newly constructed woodshed.  It took two and a half hours, and I was quite pleased with how well the kids kept working.  As you can see, when we started, the air was cool; but by the end, we were all quite warm and had shed our jackets.

personal pics 180personal pics 181personal pics 182personal pics 183

Sunday afternoon, we took a drive over the mountain to visit the wild horses at Dingo.

personal pics 190personal pics 189personal pics 187personal pics 196

On the way back, we stopped at the home of a blacksmith.  We were intrigued by the water wheel, large anvils, hoes, and other items he has constructed.

A beautiful fall week!


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