November in the Forest

During a much-needed rainfall this past week, most of the trees were stripped bare of their leaves.  While it is a bit sad to see all the brilliant beauty gone, the view now is new and interesting.  The underbrush in the forest has died, so the lay of the land can be seen.  Around every turn in the trail, what was hidden by dense foliage is now visible.  Rock outcroppings, the pond, fallen trees, and building are brought into the open.

The squirrels and chipmunks can be seen leaping through the leaves gathering food for the winter.  Among the carpet of leaves, their movements sound like much larger creatures.  The first couple times I heard them rattling the leaves, I glanced around for a deer or bear only to spy a tiny animal.  After dark, we have seen deer at camp munching on the plentiful acorns that have dropped.  When I was walking yesterday, I heard the call of the turkey and a reply from across the ravine.  Crows “cawed”, and a flock of songbirds fluttered in the bushes.

Nature is preparing for winter.  Each season has its charms.

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