November Musings

November weather has been mild so far this year; but early this morning, we were awakened with the sounds of a heavy downpour and strong winds.  The temperture has dropped thirty degrees from yesterday.  The front yard is now carpeted with a layer of pine needles, good for the blueberry bushes.  We are rejoicing for the rainfall as our region has been plagued with forest fires the last several weeks.

The peak of leaf color was in October, but I also appreciate the color on the mountains in November.  The red oak and maple trees retain their leaves long after the yellow, brown, and orange ones have fallen resulting in crimson patches against the gray of the hills.

Our family chores the last few weeks have included spreading manure and woodchips and raking massive piles of leaves over the mountainside.  The gardens are bedded down for the winter awaiting another growing season.

The hunters are out scouting the trail for deer.  Meanwhile this young buck wandered onto camp outside our classroom window.

personal pics 230


We did not get much of a view of the super moon; but the day before, the sunset was a ball of fire and the moon was brilliant.



2 thoughts on “November Musings

  1. Your writing creates an image in my mind of you stopping amid your labors, looking around you while breathing deeply of the mountain air and sensing “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” And because of your words I can sense it too, even though I’m not there. Thank you, Stephanie.


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