More Adventures at Kingdom Come State Park

After avoiding the park for several weeks due to forest fires and smoke, our third child and I returned to Kingdom Come State Park today.  The scenery is more stark since the leaves have fallen, but the weather was warm and perfect for a late-November hike.  After taking a peek at the ducks, we walked past the water on the Lake Trail to get to the Nature Haven Trail.

personal pics 246


The Nature Haven Trail starts out as a pleasant stroll, but suddenly veers up the mountain and continues to zigzag to the top of the ridge.  We passed a massive rock outcropping and had to swing our legs over many fallen branches.  There was a violent wind storm last night, which must have brought down lots of dead branches.

personal pics 249


The Trail led us out to Scout Overlook which was a great adventure for a ten-year-old boy, but my heart was swimming in my chest as we peered over the edge.  The drop was hundreds of feet to the bottom.

personal pics 251


personal pics 252


Continuing on, we met up with the Ivy Trail which started down the mountain.  We came upon another overlook which is Knife Ridge, a sparkling, white rock formation, shown here looking down and then back up.  What I find amazing is the trees and shrubs that grow in very thin layers of soil upon the rock.

This time of year, darkness creeps in quickly in the woods.  As we neared the end of our hike, we witnessed a beautiful sunset.

personal pics 257






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