December Happenings

A Christmas parade was the first event of the season.  Our daughter rode with her dance studio on a gingerbread house-themed float.  She looked like royalty, waving at all the bystanders.  Their float won the Elfin Magic award which was for incorporating children into the theme.  Our oldest son rode with the Stables at Creekside Glen which was close to the end of the parade.  By then it was dark, and the parade was moving swiftly, so I did not get a good picture.  They rode on a wagon with horseback riders around it.  Our youngest two children eagerly gathered up candy and a stuffed bear that was tossed from firetrucks, floats, and cool cars.  My favorite entry was from a church called Rockvine which had constructed a replica of their stone church and a sleigh.  Watching the band march by always brings back memories of my own high school marching band days.

personal pics 283


Saturday we all worked hard to dig the leaves out of the ditches, take them down the hill, and dump them over the side of the mountain.  The job was physically demanding; but in the end, jumping in a leaf pile neck-deep was lots of fun.

personal pics 263


personal pics 264

personal pics 265


personal pics 268


On the way to church on Wednesday, the sky was absolutely gorgeous.  I had to snap a picture and enjoyed spotting the city lights below.  On Thursday, while driving the kids to activities, we saw sun-dogs in the sky, so I pulled over to snap another picture.

 “The heavens declare the Glory of God.”

personal pics 277

personal pics 279







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