Beauty amidst the Gray

Gray days have been plentiful this year in Appalachia.  I have to admit, unless snow covers the bare hillsides, winter is not the prettiest season here; but every once in a while I catch a glimmer of beauty that speaks of God’s goodness.  On a warm day, we drove up the trail and glimpsed the majesty of the mountains.

personal pics (17)


On my Main Street walks, the classic details of the houses on the left and the way the mountain sits over the downtown catch my eye.

personal pics (31)


Today, when I came out of the office, I heard a sound like icy snow falling; but I knew it was too warm for that.  When I glanced up, I was amazed to see what appeared to be hundreds of birds fluttering around a tree.  The sound of their wings is what I was hearing.  They fluttered and flitted, snacking on red berries from the tree.  Every once in a while, the birds would fly off as a flock to a nearby tree.  In a bit, they would swoop back to the tree for seconds.  The creatures were a lovely gray with a bit of yellow on their heads.  I think maybe they were yellow finches in their winter garb, but I am not sure.  Pretty soon, a red-headed bird joined in the frolic.  After about an hour of gorging themselves, the tree was stripped of all its berries; and no more birds were to be seen.  On the picture it is hard to see, but this tree was covered with birds.  The sight was a welcome winter diversion.




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