Planting Peas

After two weeks of hosting volunteer groups with several very cold days, it felt great to get out and work in the soil and soak in the sunshine.  The children and I planted both shell and snap peas, carrots, beets, and radishes.

This is our second season of gardening with wood chips.  First we pulled back the wood chips to expose the dirt.  The soil was improved from last year, darker and richer.

personal pics (67)


Two of the children discovered an earthworm to observe.

personal pics (66)


We planted the pea seeds six across each foot-and-a-quarter section.

personal pics (68)


Then we pulled the wood chips back over the seeds.

personal pics (69)


Our third child captured our daughter and I planting carrot seeds together.

personal pics (71)


In the midst of planting, our daughter discovered in the ditch what I think are frog eggs.


How’s that for hands-on learning?!


Creative Play

This week our children displayed their Dutch-Canadian heritage.  All on their own initiative, they set up goals and began playing hockey on roller skates in the lodge.  They have become quite dexterous on their roller blades and skates, flying around the room in pursuit of the wiffle ball.

Another activity has been a game that the oldest made up and created in the shop.  The game involves catapults and wooden pieces.  They have been enthusiastically playing it every spare minute.

I love to see their creativity and them enjoying each other’s company!