Taking to the Air

This week we hosted a group from Manitoba who came to work on projects at the camp.  One of the couples flew into the small airport in our town.  On a beautiful warm evening, the pilot offered to take a few of us on a ride in his airplane.

personal pics (98)

When we at arrived at the airport, I was surprised how small the plane was.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed the flight.  On a small plane, I realized the awe of flying more so than on the large commercial flights that seem more like riding a bus.  The flight over the mountains was amazing to realize how vast the wilderness is.  The tree-covered hills roll on and on with pockets of buildings in the hollows.

personal pics (83)


At one point we swooped over the camp.   The unexpected thrill felt like the free fall of a roller coaster.

personal pics (84)


After about twenty minutes, we landed and watched the second flight, which included our oldest son, take off.

personal pics (101)


What an awesome experience!


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