Full Days

In the last number of weeks, my days have become very full leaving little time or mental energy for blogging; but here are a few glimpses from the last month.

There have been late afternoon hikes at Kingdom Come State Park.


Seeds have been planted, and the greens and radishes have poked their heads up through the soil.


Beautiful bulbs have bloomed.


We spread wonderful compost full of earthworms on a bit of the vegetable garden.  This was our first successful experience at generating compost.  It did not cover much of the space, but look how dark it it!

20180305_16283220180305_16282320180305_16291620180305_163652Days of hiking, playing, walks and talks, and serving with family was a special time.


We have seen warm, sunny days; brisk, snowy days; and a few showstopping sunsets.

20180312_15561020180315_193902Sometimes busy can feel overwhelming; but pausing to look back, there have been times of rich blessing and beauty.