Thanksgiving Day Hike

With plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s F, today has been a beautiful Thanksgiving day.  We will have our feast tomorrow, so that gave plenty of time for a hike in the mountains this afternoon.

This fall, our oldest son has been spending time across the creek building a “cabin” on his “homestead”.  When the weather is clear and he has a free afternoon, he will cross the creek and head up the mountain to cut down small trees with his hatchet, set traps, or add to his homestead.  Spending time in the woods and letting off extra energy is a fine pastime for a 13 year old boy I believe.

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Early fall, cutting down his first tree with a hatchet.

While the children had all been to the homestead, I had not; so we set off to see it today.

We took the long way around to avoid wading through the creek.  Late fall is a great time to hike in the mountains as the snakes and insects are dormant and the underbrush has died down.  With the leaves fallen, you can see further distances.  We started up an abandoned road that has been taken over by kudzu.  The kudzu engulfs everything in its path creating some interesting figures.  Those dried up vines sure can be tripping hazards!  I was reminded how quickly nature takes over sites people have abandoned.  Houses and roads once filled the area in which we hiked.

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Once we got past the kudzu, trees and brambles were all around.  We sunk to our ankles in fallen leaves.  It was refreshing to be out in the woods and breathing the fresh air.

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We arrived at the homestead to see our son’s fire pit, fence, and the start of his cabin.

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The start of the cabin

Continuing on down the mountain, we followed an old logging trail and saw occasional rock formations, old mine shafts, lush ferns, bear droppings, and a few pieces of coal.

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Once we got down to the old railroad trail, we followed it for a while seeing if we could spot a Christmas tree.

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Looks like a good one!

It was a nice time together, and I think we will all sleep well tonight!