Snowy Fun

We are in the midst of a much-hyped snowstorm.  For the last several days, the predictions seemed to change hourly, calling for anywhere from less than an inch to twelve inches, from snow to rain to ice pellets.  My husband tells me we are located on the border of the storm system, thus the variable reports.  This morning, I was beginning to think it would be a non-event after we received some slushy rain; and then the precipitation stopped.  The afternoon did bring some genuine snow, and it has been snowing on and off into the evening.  The accumulation thus far has been several inches, enough that the children went outside to enjoy it.

Our daughter built a snowman.

personal pics 018

Our boys vigorously defended their snow forts.

personal pics 027

personal pics 024

They were delighted at my husband’s suggestion to hook Daisy, our husky mix, to the sled.  Our youngest experienced a thrilling ride!  Daisy appeared to be played-out when our oldest tried it.

personal pics 019

personal pics 022

In case of power loss, I attempted to stay on top of household responsibilities: showers, filling water pitchers, washing dishes, cooking, baking.  During supper time, the lights flickered a number of times.  Thank the Lord, the electricity seems to have stabilized.  The main issue for us would be loss of heat.  Right now, I am grateful for a warm house and light to see.


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